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Hudson Leick


In MY Dictionary, the definition of Beautiful is Hudson Leick.... She is probably best known as CALLISTO, arch enemy of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS. In Her early appearences, Cally was one of the best Villians since DARTH VADER - but alas, the People who make the decisions on XENA's Storylines are apparantlly heavily into substance abuse, because they did EVERYTHING they could possibly think of to completely RUIN the Character, and unfortunatly for the Fans, they eventually succeded Big Time.... In fact the whole series has degenerated into an amazingly idiotic parody of the Exciting, and Entertaining Show it once was.... But that's another Story.... All that matters here, is that Hudson Leick is one of the most Beautiful Women ever to grace our Humble Planet, I hope we'll be seeing Her in lots more Movies, and TV Shows, and I Dream of the day when we get to see Her do a REAL UW scene! =))